Knowledge Management Division

The Knowledge Management Division comprises two sections:

    1. Information Systems Management

    2. Communications and Publications 

The Knowledge Management Division (KMD) provides specialist support, expertise, and advice to the Research Division and Corporate Services Division in the areas of knowledge storage, processing, retrieval, and dissemination. It plays a key role in communicating PNG NRI’s work to relevant stakeholders.

The KMD is managed on a daily basis by the  Information Systems Management Manager and Publications & Communications Manager respectively.

Information Systems Management Section

The Information and Communication Technology is mandated to provide and support the ICT core infrastructure of the Institute, including the server and computer hardware, network and internet devices, software, and specific applications to certain work units. The Unit provides the Institute with a reliable, efficient, and effective ICT system through which research outputs are generated, stored, and disseminated.


The Database Unit manages the Institute’s electronic data management system for both internal and external use. Internally, the unit provides the Institute’s staff with an efficient information storage retrieval system. Externally, thru the Public Policy Database, the unit provides public access to a range of public policy documents in an online repository, which allows easy access by the interested stakeholders.


The Library plays a crucial role in the Institute’s research function by collecting and storing public policy information relevant to the Institute’s respective research programs. The Library is slowly shifting from a paper-based Research Information System to a paperless, digital/electronic library. Thus, allowing global access by researchers and policymakers to PNG’s public policy documents.


Having a systemic storage mechanism in which information can be disseminated to interested personnel.

Information Hub

Publications and Communications Section

Publications Unit coordinates the production of research outputs from a manuscript through to publication in any one of the following PNG NRI’s suite of publications: research reports, discussion papers, issues papers, spotlight articles, and other special reports. The Unit provides editing, laying-out, and designing services, which can be tasked internally or externally. It also oversees the distribution and storage of all PNG NRI publications.


The Unit develops and implements communication plans, media, and public relations activities for PNG NRI research programs and projects as well as for the Institute as a whole. It utilises various communication tools and employs communication strategies to ensure effective dissemination and communication of information to third parties.


PNG NRI can be followed on social media platforms (FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) for the latest release of PNG NRI Publications and other events.

Digital Media

PNG NRI Communications team keeping up with technology