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General Information

Foreigners wishing to carry out research in PNG must obtain a Special Exemption: Researcher/Academic Visa.  The current practice of the PNG Government is, in many instances, to issue research visas for an initial period of two months. Researchers who wish to carry out research and fieldwork for a longer period and are granted only an initial two months must apply for an extension of their research visa after they arrive in PNG.  Applications for research visas, like all visa applications, should be submitted to the nearest PNG embassy, High Commission, or Consulate.  Where there is no overseas PNG mission, initial research visas may be approved and issued through an Australian Embassy. However, a research visa will not be issued until the NRI has advised and recommended to the PNG ICA in Port Moresby that the research proposal is acceptable to, and has been acknowledged by, the relevant authorities in Papua New Guinea. Initial Researcher/Academic visas will not be issued in-country.

The PNG NRI is the only overall research visa issuing authority in PNG. The NRI will liaise with other national institutions, and technical review committees, where necessary, to effect project approval and appropriate research affiliation before recommending the issuance of a Researcher/Academic visa.  The exception is medical research visa applications which are vetted by the PNG Medical Research Advisory Council. All foreign researchers should direct their applications for research visas to: 

                        The Director

                        PNG National Research Institute

                        P.O. Box 5854, Boroko, NCD. 111. 

                        PAPUA NEW GUINEA

                        Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  Phone:  (675) 326 0300/326 0061

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