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 This research program was previously  known as  the Property Sector Development  Program, specifically concentrated on themes such as  Land Administration and Housing Planning, however with the restructuring of the program, they have made various expansions on the themes and its name. The PNG NRI  are now advocating for the development of land that results in a ‘win-win’ situation for key stakeholders (landowner, investor and the State). Thus, the  renewed name for the program is the Sustainable Land Development Research Program (SLDRP), which focuses primarily on activities that involve the exploitation or development of land resources. In accordance with the Institute’s three year Corporate Plan, the SLDRP will provide research support to the National Land Development Program II to find land administration strategies with regard to addressing issues associated with land access for sustainable development. During this period, the Program will also contribute to urban development planning and cover other areas like the agriculture sector.

 The SLDRP research findings and policy related recommendations will assist in making informed decisions that maximizes the benefits from the exploitation of scarce resources. This would be supported by stakeholders like, Land Use Planners, Policy Makers, Agriculture & Natural Resource Planners, Land Administrators and Housing Estate Planners.

To improve living standards of Papua New Guineans by promoting policies...


The research output will aim to influence policy and PNG NRI’s...


The PSDP research comprises of three main components: Land Access...


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