Research Communication

The mission of the PNGNRI is to provide evidence-based information for informed decision-making in order to contribute to improved service delivery to enhance the welfare of Papua New Guineans.This is achieved through the “three I mantra”: Inquire, Inform, Influence.

Inquiry (or research and analysis) is done by our Research Team based on sound theoretical grounding and relevant methodology in the different fields of research.

Inform and Influence represent the research communication process. Informing involves the communication of our various research material (reports, issues papers, spotlight articles, blogs, and commentaries) to targeted audiences. Avenues for informing include: seminars, media releases, social media platforms (twitter, facebook, website), book launches, TV interviews (Talkback Shows), newspaper commentaries, and distribution of hard copies. This functions performed by our Communications Team in conjunction with our Research Team and Support Services Team (i.e. Corporate and Knowledge Management Teams).

Influencing is an extension of informing. That is, in addition to communicating research information, the Institute endeavours to influence decision-making whereby the research information communicated is used for decision making by the recipients of information. The key desired outcome for informed decision making is that such decisions lead to improvement in the welfare of Papua New Guineans, whatever sphere of life it may be. Influencing is achieved by either: passively through the dissemination of information or actively by active involvement of our staff with targeted audiences, the decision makers. Influence is achieved when decisions are made using information provided by the Institute.