Dr Odhuno

Dr. Francis Odhuno is a Senior Research Fellow and the Program Leader of the Economic Policy Research Program (EPRP) at the Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI). His primary research interests include topics in applied microeconomics, in particular topics in household, housing and labour economics and the economics of small and medium enterprises.

His current research includes the analysis of Household Income and Expenditure Survey and Census data to study equity, inequality and poverty, labour markets, human development and demographics.

He is also working on a research project that explores various aspects of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Sector in PNG. As a public policy researcher and analyst, he has provided comments and made submissions on government policy and other public policy matters that impact on or have relevance for the PNG economy, including submissions to the Minimum Wages Board; Tax Review Committee; the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission; and the Securities Commission of PNG.

Prior to joining the PNG NRI, Dr Odhuno completed PhD in economics at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand; worked with Ernst & Young in Nairobi, Kenya, as a Consultant in International Trade and Tax issues; with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (also in Nairobi), where he worked as an Economist/Statistician and Industrial Development Officer.


Recent Publications