Prof EzebiloProf. Eugene Ezebilo is the Deputy Director for Research at the PNG National Research Institute. Before his appointment he was the Program Leader for the Property Sector Development Research Program and the Staff Representative to the PNG NRI Council, which he was nominated to that post in March 2017.

Eugene is an Associate Professor of Economics from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden. He specialises in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. Prior to joining PNG NRI, Professor Ezebilo has worked in Sweden, Nigeria and Gambia where he served on various management committees. Eugene has published more than 50 policy related articles in both international and local journals as well as lectured students at masters and doctoral levels and served as supervisor for several postgraduate students’ thesis.

Professor Ezebilo is also the Associate Editor for the Journal of Sustainable Development; a reviewer for several high ranked international journals such as Journal of Environmental Management, Ecological Economics, Society and Natural Resources, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, and Tourism Management, Waste Management, Sustainability, and International Development. He is an examiner for postgraduate thesis and a member of Editorial Board for Heliyon Journal hosted by Elsevier.

Professor Ezebilo was actively involved in the development of “Equal Opportunities” strategy document at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden. The document is a reference guide for promoting equal opportunities to access resources by the university staff regardless of gender, age, educational background, religion, nationality and political affiliation.


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