The abuse of social media can affect students’ performance

The use of different social media platforms has become very popular around the world, including Papua New Guinea (PNG). People from all walks of life, including students are heavily involved in the use of social media for various reasons and has become an important part of today’s living.

The National Research Institute Spotlight (NRI) Vol. 17, Issue 7, titled "Misuse of social media by students can affect their academic performance" by Mr. Akam Tom, Research Officer at PNG NRI, looks at the misuse of social media by students.

The paper reported that the misuse of social media by students can result in the following:
• A student exhibiting undesirable behaviour and attitudes.
• Accessing illicit content that distracts a student from studying.
• Increase in the rate of students dropping out of school.

Mr. Tom said that the use of social media by students can be managed by the following:
• Implementing government policy and regulations relevant to social media in an effective manner.
• Parents/guardians should monitor and uninstall inappropriate social media applications in a student’s mobile phone.
• E-learning centres should be established in schools.
• National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) should regulate social media in an effective manner.
• School-based awareness on the adverse impact of social media should be conducted in schools.

Finally, parents, guardians, teachers and relevant authorities should consider working together to assist students prioritise their academic activities.


Authorised for release by:

Dr. Osborne O. Sanida
Director, PNG NRI

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