Why job creation in the informal sector matters for PNG

Job creation is a key priority of the current Government. Critically, Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) IV includes an ambitious target to create 1 million jobs over the next four years.

The National Research Institute Spotlight Vol. 17, Issue 5, titled "Why creating jobs in the informal Economy matters for Papua New Guinea" by Dr Elizabeth Kopel, focuses on the rationale for job creation for people who depend on the informal economy for survival.

Creation of jobs is one of the best ways to improve the livelihoods for people across Papua New Guinea. The Spotlight highlights fundamental reasons for the Government to ensure effective delivery of its commitment to create jobs.

The informal economy supports livelihoods for the bulk of the country’s population especially in rural areas. Investment in rural areas and creating jobs will provide better options for people.

The Spotlight offers several recommendations to support collective ambitions to achieve increased employment, improve livelihoods and alleviate poverty.


Authorised for release by:

Dr. Osborne O. Sanida
Director, PNGNRI

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