Main objective

  1. To facilitate an informed national conversation with dialogue and information sharing between:
    (a) Academics
    (b) Policy practitioners
    (c) Political leaders
    (d) Civil society
    on issues and challenges to autonomy and decentralised governance arrangements in PNG with a view to improving access to basic services for the whole community as envisioned in the National Constitution.
  2. Through this process, key policy decision makers will have increased knowledge on options for autonomy and decentralisation in PNG enabling them to consider specific legal and technical arrangements emnating fron a National Forum for follow up actions through GoPNG departments and processes.

Key work areas

  1. Conduct relevant research and analysis on issues of Autonomy and Decentralisation through;
    (a) Analysis of Current PNG Situation (Short Focused papers and Discussions at Fortnightly Seminars)
         - Historical Perspective of Developments in Autonomy Arrangements Since Independence
         - Current Status and Issues, Challenges for Autionomy and Decentralisation with regard to Basic Service Delivery
  2. Communicate research products to the targeted audience using a number of tools and modalities such as:
    (a) Fortnightly Seminars
    (b) The National Conference
    (c) Ongoing Activities

Framework autonomy governance issues

(National Conference - Themes for conference papers and discussions)

  1. Representation and Institutions
    The Institutional design of autonomy constitutes its Framework and includes the representation within the autonomous region(s).
  2. Division of Legislative and Executive Powers and Responsibilities
    Division of powers and functions between the central state and the autonomous region(s).
  3. Entrenchment and Inter-governmental Relations
    Constitutional Laws and Institutions for managing relations between the central state and the autonomous region(s).
  4. Financial Regulations and Regional Economics
    Financial Transfers from the Central Government, taxation and sharing of revenues, regional economic activities.