Released Publication (Thursday 19th May 2022)

Discussion Paper 193 Safer communitiesInnovative strategy for promoting safer communities in Papua New Guinea: A case study of Port Moresby

A safe and secure community play an important role in providing suitable environment for promoting investment, employment opportunities, human development and sustainable economic growth. However, addressing issues related to insecurity and making communities safe for residents have been challenging to government of most countries including Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The NRI Discussion Paper No. 193 titled: “Innovative strategy for promoting safer communities in Papua New Guinea: A case study of Port Moresby” by James Laki who is a retired military officer highlight the factors that contribute to insecurity in PNG and strategy that can be used to promote safer communities in the country’s urban centres, especially Port Moresby.

The Discussion Paper revealed that factors that contribute to insecurity in Port Moresby include policing deficiency, gun culture, cultural implosion, gender-based violence, drug smuggling, governance and bureaucratic failures and the growing unemployment among the youth.

Port Moresby can be made safer by providing appropriate legal framework for security and welfare services, promoting community oriented policing, increase in investment for providing more justice centres and by creating food banks as a way to alleviate poverty in the city.

The findings can assist urban security managers and planners in developing an effective strategy for addressing insecurity issues in urban areas of PNG.


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