Released Publication (Tuesday 20th September 2022)

Discussion Paper No.198: COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among wholesale and retail service employees with pre-existing medical conditions: evidence from Papua New Guinea

Discussion Paper 198 coverVaccination is one of the proven ways to reduce the likelihood and severity of infections and illnesses. Yet, in 2020 and 2021, the refusal and the delay to accept vaccination against the coronavirus (COVID-19) was a significant area of public health concern in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The government was particularly worried that a large number of unvaccinated people if infected, was likely to contribute more to overall rates of community transmission of the virus. But the biggest concern was the fate of people with chronic diseases or those with weak immune systems who were more reluctant to take the vaccine.

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Position vacancies (Thursday 08th September)

advertPNG NRI is advertising the following Positions :

1. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Officer
Job Description
2. Assistant Librarian
Job Description

Applications close on Friday 23 September 2022.

Economic policy analysis course (EPAC), 2022 (Monday 05th September)

Opening Remarks: PNG NRI Director

EAPC picOn behalf of the Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) Council, management and staff, I welcome you all participants for the 2022 intake of the popular Economic Policy Analysis Course (EPAC), to the PNG NRI campus. I wish to acknowledge the role of your sponsors, employers and your families for giving you the opportunity or support, either financially or by way of allowing you to take time out to participate in this vital Course. I also acknowledge the Course Coordinator, Dr. Francis Odhuno and his support staff, and the lecturers who will be teaching you for the next 8 weeks.




Released Publication (Thursday 1st September 2022)Spotlight Vol. 15 Issue 11 cover

Spotlight Vol 15, Issue 11: Strategy for addressing insecurity issues in Port Moresby

Addressing insecurity issues and making our communities safer for sustainable economic activities and improved welfare of residents have been a challenge for the government, especially in the major cities of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The National Research Institute (NRI) Spotlight Vol 15, Issue 11: Strategy for addressing insecurity issues in Port Moresby by Dr Philip Kavan, Senior Research Fellow at PNG NRI highlights ways to promote safer communities in the city.



 Media Release (29th August 2022)

 PNG NRI to release 2022 Elections Observation Report and Monograph 

The PNG NRI Elections Observations Report will be released to the public in the coming weeks. In September 2022, organisations involved in the 2022 election observations will be invited to present their findings to be summarised and published as the Proceedings for distribution to all stakeholders for implementation and preparation for the 2024 LLG Elections and 2027 National Elections.

These organisations include Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Commission, The Australian National University, Transparency International (PNG), Commonwealth Secretariat, Institute of National Affairs, University of PNG and the PNG National Research Institute. Read more

Released Publication (Tuesday 30th August 2022)Spotlightv15iss10cover

Spotlight Vol. 15, Issue 10: House rent determination by landlords and real estate agents in Port Moresby: Concerns raised by tenants 

Access to adequate, safe, and affordable housing is a basic human right. However, access to affordable housing in major cities of Papua New Guinea (PNG) including Port Moresby has continued to be a long-standing issue. Read more

Media Release (23rd August 2022)


PNG NRI to release 2022 Elections Observation Report and Monograph 

The Council of the Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) has endorsed the 2022 Elections Observation Report covering a number of electorates and the general observations on the operations and administration of the election in the country. This will be followed by Seminar Series to invite all organisations that had Election Observations to present their findings to be followed by Bibliography on Elections and finally a Monograph or Research Report on 2022 Elections.

The first lot of Australian Government funding was used to for scholarships to political party executives and disciplinary forces and agencies involved in Elections to attend its Diploma in Economic Policy Analysis program, followed by the Election Seminar series for a weekly update from Royal PNG Constabulary, Electoral Commission, Boundaries Commission, Registry of Political Parties, Department of Provincial Affairs and Clerk of Parliament and the National Broadcasting Corporation to inform and update the people of PNG on their planning and preparations for the LLG and National Elections. Read More...

Released Publication (Wednesday 17th August 2022)


Government’s role for a sustainable housing policy

Government’s strategic role as a regulator is critical to address the structural impediments that have constrained the housing sector in Papua New Guinea (PNG). As a regulator, the government undertakes a facilitative role in providing an enabling environment that will sustainably develop the housing market to ensure all Papua New Guineans are properly sheltered.  Read More...

Released Publication (Tuesday 09th August 2022)

Commercial focus is vital for national airports

Given the challenging geography in Papua New Guinea (PNG), airports play a critical role in social and economic development through enabling movement, connectivity, and accessibility to main business and government services. The National Airport Corporation (NAC) is responsible for the provision, maintenance, and development of 22 designated national airports.

Over the years, the emphasis in managing these airports has been on an investment program to ensure the airports are developed to meet internationally acceptable safety and security standards. However, this has come at a cost of limited attention to operational efficiency and efficient pricing of airport services. Read More...


Spotlight Vol. 15 Issue 8 coverReleased Publication (Wednesday 20th July 2022)

Government should do more to restrict the emergence of informal settlements

The Government should consider focusing on promoting preventive measures to avoid the emergence of informal settlements and forceful evictions of informal settlement dwellers.

The paper stated that forceful evictions may promote an environment of insecurity and uncertainty that undermines the basic human need for a decent and quality life. Read More...

PNG Journal of Education (PNGJE) is now online

PNGJE launchPNG Journal of Education has always been a paper journal. Today, PNG NRI and its stakeholders launched PNGJE Online after eight years of hibernation.

Through a directive from the PNG NRI Council to revive the PNGJE, a new Editorial Board for the Journal was formed with Dr. Kilala Devette-Chee (NRI Representative) as the Lead Editor.

Education plays in our social and economic development. We all can attest to the fact that without education we would not be where we are today in the various professions we are involved in these were the words of the PNG NRI Director in his opening remarks  

Released Publication (Tuesday 28th June 2022)Social Media22 Spotlightvol15iss7b

Cooperatives can assist smallholder coffee growers boost coffee production

Coffee has been one of the most important agricultural commodities that contributes to Papua New Guinea (PNG) economy. It contributes to the livelihoods of almost three million people in the country. However, since the closure of several plantations in PNG, coffee production has continued to decline. Though coffee production in the country is currently driven much by smallholder coffee growers they face several challenges.  Read More...

Released Publication (Tuesday 28th June 2022)

Government must do more to promote good governance

DP196 Comparative analysis of governance and economic growth in Fiji Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands and Vanuatu Good governance provides a conducive environment for investment and opportunities for employment, which in turn generate government revenue from taxes. However, promoting good governance has been a long-standing issue in most developing countries, including Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The National Research Institute (NRI) Discussion Paper No. 196: “Comparative analysis of governance and economic growth in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu” authored by PNG NRI Deputy Director for Research Associate Professor Eugene Ezebilo and Research Officer Mr. William Kipongi highlight how to promote good governance in PNG.  Read More...



Released Publication (Thursday 23rd June 2022)Spotlight15iss6cover

Government must do more to promote free, fair, and safe National Elections

Free, fair and safe elections are key components of the principles of a democratic system. This promotes a person’s constitutional right to be freely expressed in voting in a national election without external influences. However, irregularities have become common practices in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) National Elections.

The National Research Institute (NRI) Spotlight Volume 15, Issue 6 entitled: “Initiatives for addressing irregularities in Papua New Guinea’s National Elections” by PNG NRI Research Officer Mr. William Kipongi, highlights some factors that contribute to irregularities in PNG National Elections and how the irregularities can be addressed. Read More...


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